FASC aims at promoting the advancement of chemical sciences and the practice of chemistry that could be instrumental to the fulfillment of the development aspiration and objective of the people in Africa. More specifically, FASC is established:
1.    to promote and maintain effective communication throughout the community of chemists and chemical scientists in Africa.
2.    to promote collaborative activity among member societies and among the individual members of these societies.
3.    to maintain and promote high professional, educational and ethical standards.
4.    to disseminate chemical knowledge.
5.    to act in an advisory, consultative and representative capacity in relation to African institutions and regional initiatives.
6.    to promote cooperation with other international organizations and similar regional and international networks.

FASC seeks to achieve its aim primarily through networking African chemical societies among themselves and with sister international and regional societies, as well as with international and regional initiatives that aim at the promotion of sustainable development in Africa.

The first/founding Executive Committee members were the following:
1. Dr. Temechegn Engida        President, Ethiopia
2. Prof. M.M. Khater        Vice-President, Egypt
3. Dr. Ahmed Mustefa    Secretary, Ethiopia
4. Dr. Yonas Chebude        Treasurer, Ethiopia
5. Prof. Neil Coville        Member and Representative/Southern Africa, South Africa
6. Dr. Y.N. Lohdip    Member and Representative/Western Anglophone Africa, Nigeria
7. Prof. Mohammed Jemal    Member and Representative/Northern Africa, Tunisia
8. Prof. Michael Kishimba    Member and Representative/Central Africa, Tanzania
9. Dr. Mulat Abegaz        Member and Representative/Eastern Africa, Ethiopia
10. Prof. Faustin SiĆ© SIB    Member and Representative/Western Francophone Africa, Burkina Faso