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The first/founding Executive Committee members were the following: 
1. Dr. Temechegn Engida       President, Ethiopia
2. Prof. M.M. Khater              Vice-President, Egypt
3. Dr. Ahmed Mustefa            Secretary, Ethiopia
4. Dr. Yonas Chebude            Treasurer, Ethiopia
5. Prof. Neil Coville                Member and Representative/Southern Africa, South Africa
6. Dr. Y.N. Lohdip                 Member and Representative/Western Anglophone Africa, Nigeria
7. Prof. Mohammed Jemal      Member and Representative/Northern Africa, Tunisia
8. Prof. Michael Kishimba      Member and Representative/Central Africa, Tanzania
9. Dr. Mulat Abegaz               Member and Representative/Eastern Africa, Ethiopia
10. Prof. Faustin Sié SIB        Member and Representative/Western Francophone Africa, Burkina Faso